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2016 SeaScouts Pharma RobbiesRecruits


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Arden Sailing Club

Behind Revill's Farm Shop

Bourne Road, Defford, Near Pershore, Worcestershire, WR8 9BS


Click Here - We are at the riverside behind Revills Farm Shop




Sundays at 9.30am - in the boat - and usually afterwards in the farm shop/cafe

Wednesday Evenings at 6.30am - in Summer / on Light Evenings

WE CAN BE AWAY ON RACE / EVENT DAYS!   See 'Events' page or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to check.


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Photos below . . .


About Dragonboating & Pershore Phoenix  

Dragonboating is a fun, social and competitive sport

Pershore Phoenix is a dragon boat racing club - we race in the National Standard League. We like the improved fitness, excitment of racing the social side and maybe lose a little weight too - all in a supportive team atmosphere. We are affiliated to the British Dragon Boat Racing Association (the BDA) <-- look on their website for us.

Dragon Boating welcomes people from 12 years of age and tries to cater for all abilities.

At Pershore Phoenix you don't have to race, you can paddle a dragon boat with us, train with us for fun, see how it goes.

We travel to events in various part of the UK and sometimes beyond; for example through the canals of Venice in the annual Vogalonga Festival, on the seine in Paris with the help of Thames Dragons in La TraverSeine, on the Thames as part of the Henley Winter Series (look for Winter series) as well as many times on our home river, the Worcestershire Avon.

We have BBQs, social events and basically - a good time.  Both in the boat and on the land.

We meet every Sunday morning and, in Summer, on Wednesday evenings on the river Avon, we have been spotted in coffee and cake outlets, pubs and the like too.

We love our sport and we love to hone our skills and fitness to beat our fellow dragon boat teams in the league. We like to win but don't beat ourselves up if we don't . . . we'll train more and try harder next time . . . OK . . . we like to win if we can, it's fun!

2017 PP atWraysbury


Photos . . .


A really great day, we were helped by some friends from Powerhouse Dragon Boat Club (John, Mike, Andrea, Pippa and Aliette) - thank you so much.

The Bling Report: We won a trophy!  2nd place in the 200metres Bowl !!!


 ClubMascotTippy 01

Mark's Tippy (mascot).

CapnJack-Tim Our2ndPlaiceInPlateMinor200mTrophy

Cap'n Jack (Tim) with our trophy.


Team photo (in the sun!!!).   Another great day.

 Yellow, blue (and red) - our Powerhouse guests.


Recharging Lo   TrophyPic




 Sat 10th June 2017, Pershore Phoenix club joined with Henley Dragon Boat Club to form a team 'Henshore' (for the day)

with the result that, together, we came 3rd overall - a great result - photo below of Adie and Linda collecting the trophy on behalf of both teams

Many thanks HENLEY

20170611 Crosby Pershore-Henley


Now we have a cup for a celebratory G&T - or two

20170610 John II Celeb

20170610 John IsThisA GnT I SeeBeforeMe   20170611 CaptainLinda Celeb 20170610 PaulineY Celeb GnT 





Sun 28th May 2017, Pershore Phoenix (left) in 200metre race versus Typhoon Too

2017 Wraybury 200m PP Vs TypToo


Team Photo: May 2017, Pershore Phoenix at the Wraysbury BDA (British Dragon Boat Association) League race

2017 0528 TeamPhotWraysbury

 Winners of the 5000metres Bowl Final too  !!!!

2017 PP Win5kmTrophyWraysbury

OK, we know it's not actually a bowl but we were pretty happy (as you can see) with 1st place in the Bowl final even if the trophy wasn't actually a bowl.



 Team Photo: May 2017, Pershore Phoenix at the end of the Bristol BDA (British Dragon Boat Association) League race

PershorePhoenix AtLastA RaceTeam GoodDay

We won the Bowl 200metres final and Bowl 3.5km final !!!


Click HERE (link to facebook) for a video of Pershore Phoenix racing Cambridgeshire Royals and St Neots 2 at Bristol 2016


2016 . . .

Top marks for these guests

14212039 10155206075974746 2491909936340312979 n

they guested for us (from Typhoon Dragon Boat Club) for the Worcester race in 2016

Many thanks guys, it was a really great day.



The Pershore Phoenix Team, with guests too, at

Worcester BDA (British Dragon Boat Association) League race in Worcester - 2016.

PershorePhoenix At WorcesterRace2016



VIDEO from the 2016

1800m race at Worcester --->>

PP AtWorcesterVideo 

CLICK HERE to see the Vid

You'll see, going round the bend, in order of appearance:

Worcester Busters, in pink, who get out of the bend in front of Bristol Empire Dragons then

it's us, Pershore Phoenix, we make a great turn (thanks Ian (helm)) then

St Neots (I think) then

Secklow Hundred (Milton Keynes) chased round by Worcester then

Raging Dragons closely followed by Amathus.




2016 Pershore Phoenix Charity Dragon Boat Race . . .

2016 SeaScouts Pharma RobbiesRecruits

Above, race between 'Sea Scouts', 'Pharma' and Robbie's Recruits . . . and below an excellent supply of BBQ food . . .

2016 GreatBritishBBQ Off




2016: The year of the European Dragon Boat Championships

Five Pershore Phoenix club members qualified for GB Dragon Boat teams, a massive achievement, here are some related photos . . .

2016 EurosRomeSymbol

Logo of the 2016 European Dragon Boat Championships


Link to the Website - some nice pics and videos from the event.


2016 Euros LindaFlauntingMedalAndWhyNot 

Well earned medalware Linda

2016 GB Euros LindaAndrewEmily

 Linda, Andrew & Emily - just happy to be there - Rome, 2016, European Championships

2016 EurosMattJstOffPlane

 Matt just off the plane - not proud at all

2016 GBAndrewMichaelLindaEmilyReduced

Andrew, Michael Linda and Emily - four of our five 2016 GB qualifiers

2016 EUROsGB Under18sMichael

Michael (back right) being lightly encouraged, along with the rest of the team, by Rob the Helm, Rome, 2016, European Championships



2016: BRISTOL BDA Race - Pershore Phoenix racing - close-up

13096028 1155926211097958 4588313353303660204 n




2016, some of us went to Venice for the:

 - Vogalonga 2016 (click to see what a brilliant event that is)

 - Video of Vogalonga 2016 CLICK HERE - official video

Re: the image below: honestly we were in there somewhere, but so were 7000 others too - - - a very special weekend

VogalongaAerialPic 01

It was sooo . . . good that some of us (actually this year just Tim, rest of us a bit jealous) went this year, 2017, too.

CLICK TO SEE a YouTube vid about the event.


Just to show it was Venice, this was the view from the water on the way to the event first thing in the morning.


That's it for now.  More pictures soon . . .



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