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Dragonboat Race Champions = WEBBS                                Tug-of-War winners = ARGONAUTS

RACE 1 Mighty Oaks Worcester Busters    
  1.24.78 1.18.94    
RACE 2     Worcester Bolton Dragons Kanes Vikings
      1.19.28 1.24.19
RACE 3 Kanes Pirates Team 45    
  1.30.44 1.37.19    
RACE 4     Dragon our Feet The Extractables
      1.17.72 1.33.75
RACE 5 Argonauts Webbs    
  1.19.40 1.11.47    
RACE 6     Geek Squad DynamiQ
      1.20.68 1.12.81
RACE 7 Oarsome Pershore Pirates    
  1.22.40 1.22.28    
RACE 8     St. Peters Pirates Mighty Oaks
      1.21.12 1.19.87
RACE 9 Worcester Busters Worcester Bolton Dragons    
  1.17.69 1.20.40    
RACE 10     Kanes Vikings Kanes Pirates
      1.15.88 1.27.00
RACE 11 Team 45 Dragon our Feet    
  1.37.60 1.14.81    
RACE 12     The Extractables Argonauts
      1.29.97 1.14.63
RACE 13 Webbs Geek Squad    
  1.08.63 1.14.91    
RACE 14     DynamiQ Oarsome
      1.11.07 1.23.78
RACE 15 Pershore Pirates St. Peters Pirates    
  1.28.56 1.20.72    
RACE 16 St. Peters Pirates Geek Squad Kanes Pirates  
  1.20.18 1.17.44 1.22.72  
RACE 17 Mighty Oaks Dragon our Feet Team 45  
  1.19.41 1.14.72 1.36.96  
RACE 18 Worcester Bolton Dragons Argonauts The Extractables  
  1.20.47 1.12.15 1.30.03  
RACE 19 Worcester Busters DynamiQ Oarsome  
  1.16.90 1.10.09 1.23.53  
RACE 20 Kanes Vikings Webbs Pershore Pirates  
  1.21.13 1.10.22 1.30.81  
RACE 21 (FINAL 1) Team 45 PERSHORE PIRATES Kanes Pirates  
  1.38.84 1.27.44 WITHDRAWN  
RACE 22 (FINAL 2) The Extractables OARSOME Geek Squad  
  1.27.43 1.18.66 WITHDRAWN  
RACE 23 (FINAL 3) WORCESTER BOLTYON DRAGONS St. Peters Pirates Kanes Vikings  
  1.22.34 1.25.31 1.24.41  
RACE 24 (FINAL 4) Worcester Busters DRAGON OUR FEET Mighty Oaks  
  1.17.09 1.15.69 1.21.35  
RACE 25 (FINAL 5) WEBBS DynamiQ Argonauts  
  1.10.00 1.11.72 1.12.53  



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We want to make this year's Charity Dragon Boat Race Day even better so are extending it into a Family Fun Day, with more of everything:



We are nearly at the event of the year! Plenty of stalls & activities & races for all to enjoy.

A big thank you to all the dragon boat teams that have entered:

1. DynamiQ (defending their title from last year)
2. 45 (took part last year as "45nsingle")
3. Dragon our Feet (took part last year)
4. Argonauts (took part last year as "Jason's Argonauts")
5. Worcester Bolton Dragons (took part last year)
6. Worcester Busters (took part last year)
7. Geek Squad (took part last year)
8. Pershore Pirates (a new team)
9. St. Peters Pirates (a new team)
10. Mighty Oaks (took part last year)
11. The Extractables (a new team)
12. Oarsome (a new team)
13. Webbs Garden Centre (took part last year)
14. Kanes Foods 1 (a new team)
15. Kanes Foods 2 (a new team) 


A team consists of 14-18 people (minimum age 12). Entry fees are £250 per full team to cover the costs of running the event. If you are struggling for numbers, why not enter a half-team which we will combine with other similar half-teams (£150 for a half-team of up to 7-10 people) .

We would encourage your team members to use the event to raise additional funds for charity, preferably (although not exclusively) for our nominated charity which this year is Acorns Children’s Hospices. Any funds raised can be forwarded to the charity via ourselves if required.

Your entry fee covers provision of all equipment for the day, including essential health & safety requirements, necessary licences & insurances, as well as one free pre-event training session which will be arranged on a mutually-convenient date. Additional training sessions can be arranged at a team cost of £50 per session.

Your team will take part in several dragon boat races throughout the day against different teams, with the fastest times qualifying for finals races at the end of the day. Hot food & drinks will be available to purchase and there will be some land-based entertainment & activities.

For an entry form, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Note that there are only limited places available, so get your entry in soon.





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