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BDA League Race Day - Stockton

Sun 30th April 2017     Some members paddled with

                                  team: 'St Neots Too'.

BDA League Race Day - Bristol Sun 14th May 2017     200m Bowl winners, 3.5km Bowl winners.
BDA League Race Day - Wraysbury Sun 28th May 2017     5km Bowl winners.
BDA League Race Day - Crosby

Sun 10th June 2017     450m Cup 3rd place

                                  Joint team with Henley Club.

BDA League Race Day - Milton Keynes Sat 24th June 2017      2nd place, 200m Bowl.
BDA League Race Day - Nottingham Sun 16th July 2017      A great day
BDA League Race Day - London Sun 13th Aug 2017      Won the bowl 2000metres !
Great River Race - Thames - Milwall to Ham

Sat 9th September      21.6 miles, phew!  But fantastic.

National Championships (sort of the FA CUP) Sat 23rd, Sun 24th Sept
Henley Winter Race 1 Date TBD
Henley Winter Race 2 Date TBD
Henley Winter Race 3 Date TBD 
Henley Winter Race 4 Date TBD
Pershore Phoenix Charity Race Day  TBD for 2018 


The Pride, the Passion and the Phoenix Flies High.









Pageant Champion 2

 Queen's Jubilee Pageant 2012.




Vogalonga Venice May 2012                

This was one of life’s great experiences - the fun and laughter started when we arrived at the airport and didn’t stop until we boarded the flight home.


Once our paddles were safely checked in, off we all headed to security checks. As Jonathan’s wife Diane stepped through, off the buzzers went ,with the rest of us through and watching with smiles on our faces as the metal on her shoes had been picked up. Only fifty yards past this point, a security guard took Pauline to one side. I didn’t realise we all looked such a dodgy bunch!

After a one hour and forty minute flight the pilot announced that we will be coming into land at Venice and the weather forecast is rain. Not what we wanted to hear, but despite this we got off the plane to glorious sunshine. Waiting now with fingers crossed for the paddles to arrive safely. Once collected we headed off to catch the bus to our hotel. As we carried our luggage through the cobbled streets and over bridges with steps suddenly my husband Chris was not finding my overpacked case very funny. Jonathan and myself thought it was a good idea to now mention that we had both had a sneaky look at the hotel reviews on Trip Advisor the night before and they were not good! Looking into the distance off a lovely street with small shops, bars and restaurants we now had the hotel Adua in sight looking exactly like the picture on the website. On arrival we all looked at the long flight of stairs we now had to carry our luggage up to reception, when on arrival there we were told that we were in the building next door! To our dismay more stairs but at least we were all together, as one by one we opened our bedroom doors not knowing what to expect. Phew! not as bad as we were expecting but not in any way luxurious. Pauline and Sonya were supposed to have an ensuite but that was not the room that Pauline had been given. Jonathan and Di had a terraced patio area outside their room so we were already planning a pizza party for Saturday night before the Vogalonga on Sunday.

So off we all head to explore the lovely canals and streets of Venice. This has to be done on foot to see the beauty of the buildings, art and churches.

Then time to stop for a drink and light lunch. We managed to find a lovely bar in a plaza area with seating outside for us all to enjoy the sunshine. A lovely start as we enjoyed a glass of wine and some olives and just chilled before heading back to the lovely hotel Adua to meet up wih Sonya who was on a later flight.

When we got back to the hotel Sonya was trying to sort out the room problem and had now got the ensuite room for herself and Pauline. The only problem was Pauline now had to repack and move rooms back into the other building which Pauline did without any fuss - well done. After a short recharge of the batteries off we all head to find a restaurant for dinner. We found a quaint little place in a side street not far from our hotel to stagger back to; which some of us did after a few more bottles of wine. A great start to what turned out to be a fun packed five days.


Carla and Mandy were arriving today and we had the opening ceremony of the festival at 17.00 hours. Some of the Thames crew were on a later flight so may not make it in time for the ceremony which meant that our family members may be able to come with us in the boat. They were all very excited - what a way for us all to see Venice. During the day we decided to go off on our own then meet back up to go to the ceremony. This worked out well for us all and meant we all got to spend some time with our family members. We met back up and headed off to the sports centre to meet up with the Thames crew for the opening ceremony

We now had all Pershore Phoenix members and it was confirmed that there was enough room in the boat for both Pershore and Thames family members to travel with us for the opening ceremony. A wonderful experience for us all and a great way to see the canals, the streets were lined with people waving and cheering. There was to be an eye-dotting ceremony after and we nominated a member from both clubs to represent Thames Pershore as the rest of the crew had to stay in the boat. We nominated Mandy as she was our longest serving member - well done Mandy. Pershore Phoenix members had a few team photos before heading off to find somewhere to eat, more food and drink - what a trip?!


Race day today with everyone keen despite the weather forecast of heavy rain. Off we set to the lido. We arrive at the venue to a buzzing atmosphere much the same as a race day here but with beautiful views. We only have three races and some of the competion looks impressive especially the powerful Russian guys. So to the first race: no messing here on the start line. We’re away and a tough fight for us against the Dutch, the Hungarians, and our fellow Brits Pink Champagne. We finished in third place - not a bad start. We then had a two hour break before we were racing again and had decided to take the offer of the lunch provided for us. To our surprise was not bad at all with lasagne, some cold meats, bread ,fruit and water. Now off to the beach (in between races!) and a lovely beach it was with a nice bar whilst. Most of us were only brave enough to have a paddle with our feet. There were a few tough guys who decided to have a swim - far too cold for us international athletes from Pershore! Although not to cold for an ex-Royal Marine as my hubby Chris did not let the side down. Tut! Tut! Jonathan and all that military fitness training! This is definitely the way a race day should be folks. So to the next race, and a change of race start to what we are more used to and we seemed to get away faster. This was very close and we all thought we had got a second but just pipped to the post and another third. Another long break before the final and moving into the shade as the sun was now very hot, then off to start the warm ups for the final with a few other teams joining in with us - what great spirit?! We now had to face the strong Hungarians again - they took a flying lead and again there was a close fight for second and third. Sorry guys I don’t have the exact times as I’m doing this off the top of my head as my internet access has been down. So now to the presentation - to our surprise we had put in a fast enough time to finish third in our group gaining a bronze. A roar of cheer from all of us as this was completely unexpected. A good day’s racing and thanks to Mandy and Carla for bravely agreeing to stroke for the final race of the day - well done girls.

After heading off to get washed and changed we met back up at the beach bar before heading off to the beach party - a few drinks to celebrate en route. The venue for the beach party was perfect with a lovely big stage area in the middle of the beach and straw umbrellas. Lets get this party started! The food was lovely with a mixture of pasta, pizzas, meats, salads and bread. We all partied in true Phoenix style on the stage of course and when the DJ played Michael Jackson’s Thriller everyone dancing split into two halves for our own version of the video. Brilliant with plenty of laughs. We partied on the beach until we all started flagging and then headed back not before several stops for Jonathan to top up his gelato levels.


A day for relaxing again all going off to do our own thing today with some of us taking a trip to see the glass blowing at Murano and others doing the sites of San Marco and St Mark’s square - a must if you visit Venice but don’t forget to take plenty of money!

Meeting back up at Jonathan & Di’s terrace for our “Pizza and Prosecco

Party” - life seems to be one big party! Another good night of laughs but not too late as we now have the Vogalonga to face on Sunday with a stupid o’clock start!


With everyone looking forward to today but not the thought of going home as we were all having such a good time. After collecting the free T-shirts for the Vogalonga, we headed off to the boat laden with water and energy bars. As we start to paddle off Paul, our helm, realises we have no boat number and have to turn round to go back and fetch a number, only to be told to pick it up from somewhere else en route. The sun is shining, the atmosphere is immense and off we go with rowing boats, gondolas, canoes and many other vessels (1800 in total). Every time we seemed to pick up any pace there was another boat cutting across in front of us and another shout from Paul to stop the boat. Before we knew it we were at the halfway stop where we were thrown iced tea and bananas - do they think we are monkeys?! I had to ask myself, as we all laughed.

After 3 hours of paddling nearly 20miles, we entered the Grand Canal - what a way to see it?! For the next hour, we were in a non-stop traffic jam of clashing boats, oars, & paddles, being cheered all the way by the locals & tourists. This is an experience of a lifetime not to be missed - so many people had lined the streets to watch this event - very overwhelming.

We spotted our families waving and cheering from the famous Rialto Bridge, before crossing the finish line and collecting our medals.

So Pershore Phoenix’s tour of Venice was coming to an end we just had time to meet up for one last time for a few beers and food before some of us were off home. We found a lovely little restaurant in the square not far from our hotel. Pauline and myself managed to negotiate a free aperitif, so this seemed to be the place for us. We had a lovely lunch and still managed to have time for some last minute shopping and yes one last chance for Jonathan to have gelato and in big style - he came back with a container of gelato that would feed the whole family!


I think we would all agree that a great time was had by all and our families had just as much fun as we did, and look forward to going again with a full Pershore Phoenix crew. Thank you all for your company.


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