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About Pershore - Home of Pershore Phoenix Dragon Boat Racing Team


Pershore is a small town in Worcestershire about 10 miles from Worcester and 6 miles from Evesham on the River Avon. If you are a Pershore resident or live within driving distance, why not join out team. It's possibly the most exciting thing that happens in Pershore on Sunday mornings!

Apart from being the home of a National League Dragon Boat Racing Team, the town is best known for the Pershore Abbey ruins, parts of which date back to the 11th century when it was largely rebuilt over a 7th century Abbey. Pershore Abbey was one of the largest Abbeys in Britain, larger even than Worcester Cathedral. The Abbey itself was destroyed in the Reformation but the local inhabitants saved the Church from destruction by purchasing it for their own use.

The town of Pershore is best approached from the East, over an elaborate 6 arched bridge across the Avon. The bridge dates from Medieval times, though the central arch was restored after extensive damage during the Civil War.

There are some fine buildings in the town, most dating from the Georgian period, though some medieval structures remain. Pershore is famous for its elegant Georgian architecture and is important as the centre of a district rich in fruit and vegetable production. Pershore has been designated as a town of major architectural importance by the Council of British Archeology, and listed as an outstanding conservation area.


Let there be Plums:

In the summer, normally August bank holiday, Pershore hosts the 'Plum Festival' and is world famous for its plums. If you don't believe us try this: Pershore Plum Festival.

Pershore even has plums named after it - three distinct varieties of Pershore Plum (Prunus domestica): the Pershore Yellow Egg, Purple Pershore and Pershore Emblem. The Pershore Yellow produces a golden yellow puree which has a good plum flavour and is ideal for jam or pie fillings.

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