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                      Race Report Sunday 3rd May 2015

                      Liverpool Watersports Centre.

The start of the Race Season this year was not a sunny one as in previous years with heavy rain showers throughout the day.

After another week of endless emails and telephone calls our Captain Andrew had managed to secure us a Helm and a number of GB U18 guest paddlers to enable us to have a good days racing.Michael started the day Drumming and then made his debut paddling his first Race,Emily Griffin Joined us this year From Worcester and made her debut paddling as Right stroke at the start of the day,we were also joined by Rimmer ex Amathus Dbc,who also took a turn at Right Stroke,we welcomed back Jamie Forrest who paddled like  he had never been away,Billie from GB U18 stepped in to Helm.

1st  Race 500M

A  good first race of the day for Pershore Phoenix,with no sign of the usual erratic paddling that we have all experienced in the past,taking an early lead and staying ahead throughout the race until the finish line when Bristol Empire Dragons just got ahead to take first place.A positive first race with a good enough time to take us into the Cup Semi Final. Pershore Phoenix (2.13.78 mins),Secklow (2.14.28mins),Bristol Empire Dragons(2.12.64mins).

2nd Race Cup Semi Final

With a few team changes to get the right boat balance we started slower in this race enabling Wrasbury Dragons to take an early lead with Typhoon  also  soon to pass Typhoon (2.11.08mins),Wraysbury Dragons(2.07.88mins),pershore Phoenix(2.16.52mins).

Cup Tail Race

Started slightly faster this time and settling into the pace but unable to pick up enough speed to keep with Notts Annaconda and Bristol Empire Dragons finishing 3rd,a good effort by all after several team changes for each race,Bristol Empire Dragons (2.10.28mins)Notts Annaconda(2.10.53mins)Pershore Phoenix(2.16.10mins).

2000m Pursuit Race

After more discussion about boat balance we once again had a change of strokes with Billie now coming into the boat as Left stroke and Rimmer moving up to Right stroke,Ian moved to Helm for this this race. Starting first we were to be chased by everyone else behind us,the race start was fast and controlled with a good transition into stroke and the pace staying rapid,with Ian taking us smoothly into the turns to get us round quickly,with the team responding well to calls and the strokes taking the pace up as we approached the finish line keeping all boats behind us off our tail to cross the line without being passed by another boat and everyone on a high as the whole team paddled with determination.

Buoy Turn Competition

Final races of the day were a fun challenge with crews drawn at random and staying on the water for two races around the Buoys.Once again more team changes with two of the GB U18 paddlers moving to stroke and the Captain and Vice Captain sitting this one out.

A pleasant start to the season with some good positive feed back from the captain and some good paddling for a team of many changes and paddling together for the first time.Many thanks to all team members who had to rotate into different boat positions and sit out to let everyone paddle.A big thank you to the GB U18 team members  as follows,Billie,Harriet,Meggan,Victoria,Emily,Josh,Lochlan,that guest paddled for us and our thanks also to Rimmer for joining us for the rest of the season,thanks to John for stepping in as Team manager for the day,thanks to Billie for helming,thanks to Michael for drumming,thanks to Ian for towing the boat,well done to all the team effort by everyone a good days racing finishing 6th overall.


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