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With a weather forecast of sunshine and spirits high despite only having 16 paddlers we had a lot of hard work ahead of us today.

We had Rimmer back on right stroke and Mandy left stroke,Beth from GB u18 was joining us for the day ,Matty Richardson was our helm & Callum our drummer

1st 200m

A good controlled start to the race staying with Raging Dragons throughout the race and pulling well ahead of the other two teams mid race,not quite enough power with 16 to get ahead but a good first race,Typhoon 2 (56.65secs)Pershore Phoenix(56.07secs)Raging Dragons(51.02secs)Worcester Dragonflies(59.40secs).

2nd 200m

Positive going into this race , two scratch crews and Amathus Bees, not to be too relaxed as Windy Pandas are a good scratch crew we just needed to take the rate down slightly and go for the long reach and think about the technique that Mark has been working on with us in training.Amathus Bees(1.00.70min)Windy Pandas (56.40secs)Pershore Phoenix(56.15secs)Anchordemics(1.08.41min).

3rd 200m cup semi

We knew this was going to be a hard race given the opposition,with focus and concentration from everyone to try and pull the boat forward to close the gap,we may not have won this race but the mental battle from all continually working hard to cross the finish line with no disgrace. Cambridgeshire Royals(50.12secs))Typhoon(47.95secs)WorcesterDragons(49.05secs)Pershore Phoenix(58.00secs).

Tail race 200m

 Faster race start this time with some good calls from Matty our helm to help us push on to try and catch up seat by seat now feeling the cost of racing with 16 paddlers finishing on a high as a better mornings racing than had been expected competing against most boats of 20 paddlers and a happy Captain as everyone had worked so hard.Bristol(54.59secs)Secklow 100(54.26)Thames Taniwas(53.62sec)

Pershore Phoenix (58.21).

1st 500m Race

After a well deserved break time to refocus for the afternoons racing another positive team talk from our Captain to spurn us on,after a long wait to start this race due to wind making it hard to get the boats lined up together on the start line ,the start was good with good transition into race pace but feeling the pace  just slightly dropping in the middle of the race.Typhoon (1.56.87min)Notts Anaconda(2.11.33min)Pershore Phoenix(2.17.22min).

2nd 500m

Chasing Bristol from the start and staying  well ahead of Worcester Dragonflies a bit of fatigue of our mighty 16 now starting to creep in a good effort by all.Worcester Dragonflies(2.30.52min)Bristol(2.11.15min)Pershore Phoenix(2.18.43min)Anchordemics2.59.75min).

3rd 500m plate semi

A tougher team talk needed before this race from both Captain & Team Manager as we needed total concentration and determination for this race if we were to challenge Exe-Calibre.

A phenomenal start to get us ahead from the start line and building on the lead throughout the race with everyone responding to the call ups from our helm Matty and bellows of encouragement from Callum drumming,crossing the line in first place feeling proud to be in what was turning out to be a very strong 16.Secks Appeal(2.38.21)

Pershore Phoenix (2.16.37)Exe-Calibre(2.19.37).                                      

Plate major final

What an unexpected turn of events today is turning out to be with most of us expecting a hard days racing with little reward as we knew other teams would have a strong 18-20 paddlers for this event we now had to face Exe-Calibre again who we knew would be fighting to get ahead of us.After a little bit of relining on the start we were fighting with Hurricanes  as Matty gave us call after call and everyone responding and giving it their best effort it was said that at one point we had taken the lead the race was close throughout with St Neots and ourselves both crossing the line together and this time finishing further ahead of Exe-Calibre than the last race Hurricanes just crossed the line ahead of us to finish in first place, for us to finish the day in 2nd place in a  500m Major final with 16 paddlers is an awesome achievement for everyone  a big pat on the back to all for keeping calm a well deserved finish to the day.

Well who would have thought at the start of the day we would have come away with bling,consider this a job well done, we stayed focused , we fought hard we kept calm and we certainly carried on but most of all importance we enjoyed the day and should feel proud of being part of our club, the positivity and belief of our team Captain and manager has made everyone want to work hard to give their best performance so sit up proud and look forward to doing it all again in Exeter.

Many thanks to Ian for towing the boat,thanks to Matty for helming,thanks to Callum for drumming and shouts of encouragement,thanks to Beth & Rimmer for paddling with us, a big thank you to Andrew & Mark for the behind the scenes organisation enabeling us all to have a great days racing.


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