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    Race Report Exeter

   Saturday 18/07/2015

Hoping for sunshine today at the lovely quayside of Exeter as another tough day ahead with 16 paddlers.

We had the pleasure of a pool boat today,with Kieran helming for us,the help of Emily Gb u18 right stroke and welcome back to Billy left stroke,callum was our drummer for the day,we welcomed back Chris for her first race of the season and we were to be joined by some familiar faces to spectate,Geoff,Don and Pam and how lovely it was to see you all.

1st 200m race

This was a seeding time trial for teams setting off one at a time to set the seeding for subsequent heats.(1.00.87secs).

2nd 200m

a comfortable race for Pershore Phoenix at a slower rate to preserve energy for the next race Amathus Dbc (58.41sec) pershore phoenix(1.03.45min).

3rd 200m plate heat

Not starting as well as we would have liked with Exe-Calibre taking the lead after the race start but pulling back mid race to cross the line together but not quite enough to take them on the line today ,still a great effort with only 16 paddlers Exe-Calibre (58.06sec)Pershore Phoenix(58.06sec).

Plate Tail race

Bristol got a slightly better start than us in this race leaving us to fight hard to try and pull back seat by seat feeling the difference that an extra 4 paddlers would have made in the boat,a good mornings racing and spirits very high.

1300m pursuit

We were 3rd to start and concentrating well to pass both Flyphoon and Pink Champagne,keeping our heads up and paddling hard not to be caught by the teams behind us,finishing with a time of (5.52mins).

Thanks to our guest paddlers Emily & Billy,thanks to Kieran for helming,thanks to Callum for as always the voice of encouragement behind the drum,thanks to Mark for getting in the right place at the right time,Thanks to our team Captain Andrew for keeping us motivated with positivity and a big thank you to Geoff,Don and Pam for taking the time to join us for the weekend.

Good luck to you all for the last two races keep up the good work sorry I will not be there to enjoy the last two races off to see Mickey Mousse.


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