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The Pershore Phoenix Dragon Boat Racing Club (Pershore Phoenix) has recently been kindly provided with sponsorship by PLUMBWORLD for which Pershore Phoenix are very grateful indeed - Further information TBD.


About Sponsorship Opportunities/related matters:

Our team's costs are covered by memberships and raising funds from Race Days which we organise for Corporate and other Organisations. We want to expand the Club and promote the Sport in the Pershore and Wychavon area which will increase the potential level of advertising exposure for prospective sponsors.

Sponsoring Pershore Phoenix Dragon Boat Racing Team brings an excellent opportunity for a comparatively small outlay compared to many forms of advertising.

Your name or message can be put on both sides of one of our boats. These Race Boats are towed to Race Events on open trailers and have a fantastic visual impact as they are both large (over 40ft long) and a very unusual sight on Motorways carrying a Sponsor's name and Logos all over the Country.

It is possible for Boats to be painted in full Sponsors Corporate Colours and Logos which will not only advertise on the road but also whilst Racing at National League Events around the country. These events often attract many spectators in addition to hundreds of competitors, and have recently been televised on an Internet TV Channel.

They are also used for training sessions on the River Avon each week and in Corporate and Charity events, maximising the exposure.

Club Race Tops are another great opportunity where your name and logo can be placed. The Race Tops are worn at all competition events and are also worn casually at other events and during training.

Your name can also be placed on paddle blades and outdoor shelters to maximise the brand effect.

Our website is a natural venue for your advert and link to your own website and is very popular with a keyword embedded URL.

Dragon Boat Racing is the fastest growing water sport in the UK according to some reports so sponsoring now is a worthwhile investment. Not only is the National League growing (now with two separate divisions) but charity dragon boat events are becoming more and more popular. The team work aspect of Dragon Boating is proving very popular with Corporate events because it is one of the few sports where good team work can overcome immense physical strength.

The advantage of sponsoring a National League Dragon Boat Racing Team like Pershore Phoenix is that it provides a level of truly National coverage. British Dragon Boat Association League Events are held as far afield as Exeter, London, Nottingham, Preston, Milton Keynes, Worcester and Teeside.  In the past events have also been held in Bristol, Cardiff and Liverpool.

Typical costs are outlined below.

League entry £330 per year
Race entry £275 per race (at least 5 league races per year)
BDA membership £30 per person (up to 22 people in a crew)
Race Tops using sponsors Logos £25-£35
Paddles £50+
Outdoor shelters £150+

We are either looking for a single main sponsor for the whole team, which can potentially be sponsored for as little as £3000 per year, plus any costs for boat branding.

Alternatively, you can choose a lower level of sponsorship for a specific item (e.g. race tops) which would still provide you with cost-effective marketing & promotion for your business.


Please contact us to discuss sponsorship:   

E-MAIL/CONTACT US: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2017 Wraybury 200m PP Vs TypToo

Your company name on the side of an 11 metre long Dragon Boat ?

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